B Series

Hydraulic concrete distributors

M Series

Stationary placing boom on climbing mast

SCP Series

Scorpion concrete pumps

B Series

Ideal solution for concreting of high-rise buildings

Boom lengths from 7 meters to 21 meters wide product range
Infinite Slew Feature

It can make infinite rotation (without cable) thanks to its infinite slew system.

Split Frame Technology

It can be easily transported thanks to its boom that can be separated in two.

Affordable Cost

Cost saving in concrete placing.

Outstanding advantageous features of the Atabey Spiders


Heavy Duty Slewing Gear

Atabey B-Series concrete distributors have heavy duty rotation gears integrated with the reducer gearbox. The system is much more reliable compared to commonly used worm gear reducers.


True Infinite Rotation Ability

There is no limit to the number of turns on our B-Series machines. All other brands have a limited number of spins. And they claim that when their machine makes a full rotation (360º), it is an “infinite rotation”, the true endless rotation system is only available in Atabey B-Series.


Emergency Hand Pump

Emergency hand pump is standard in all Atabey B-Series equipment. Never stop pouring concrete; even in the event of a power cut, you can finish the concrete pouring with a manual hand pump. There is no “cold joint” problem with Atabey B-Series.


Mobile Column Design System (Optional)

It is a unique feature in the market. This option provides easier application in projects with many walls and columns that cause positioning limitations in floors. Unlike the self-rising column system, this is a mobile system that allows one unit to be used in several buildings and locations on the same job site.

During the construction phase of the world’s largest cathedral in Bucharest/Romania, this option played a key role in solving the concrete casting requirements.


We Made The B Series Mobile With The Card System

Another unique solution from Atabey! This trolley system is ideal for mobilization when tower crane access is limited on floors. It has four hydraulic struts and 2 drawbars (front-rear), each of which can steer the car.

Available in drawbar towing or self-propelled (4×2 or 4×4 driven hydrostatic power draw) versions.


Ready Balance Stone Pattern

Quick installation with ready-made balance stone molds supplied with the equipment. Just fill the concrete and get started; In Atabey B-Series, formwork etc. to construct ballasts. There is no need to do it.

What do competitors do?
They only provide drawings of the ballasts. Before starting concrete pouring, the customer must carry out a preparatory work to obtain the necessary ballasts.

Unique in the World:
Concrete pump with
self-driven traction system
and hydraulic placing boom

Wireless remote control system to command both:
– 4X4 propulsion system during traveling,
– Concrete pumping and 3-element boom control during operation.
Closest and perfect positioning in the application area:
The relatively compact structure compared to truck-pumps, provides an excellent approach to the target point.


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